Saturday, June 04, 2005

Emma finished her final exam with Potter's School yesterday. She will finish up reading The Protestant Revolution and The Faerie Queene and then she can be a care free girl for the rest of the summer.

Can you call your life carefree if you have a job at Old Navy?

Emma went to two interviews and came home with a job! And she drove herself to those interviews!

I think I am the one who will be having the carefree summer :o)

And ya know what...for our family a little rest is good for the body and soul.
( I will be good and ready to start our studies again in the fall!)

We will continue to read...but there will be lots more playtime
Outside in the lovely summer-time air.
To me it's a crime to waste a gorgeous day.

I need to fill up my tank with sunshine!


Go Hickman High School Kewpies!!!

My nephew Steven is one of the pitchers on the Kewpie's Varsity baseball team.
They are playing for the STATE title today!
Sister Cindy (who comments here) and her husband are beyond excited!

The team has worked together well this year and have an impressive record of 26-2.
Cindy's son is 9-0 on the mound. Cool huh?

They are 'Goin' to the Ship. Baby!!!'

(Ship aka Championship :o)


Encourage one another...and play ball!

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