Tuesday, June 07, 2005

List five things kids do that adults usually do not.

1. Hum while they are chewing. (Both of my boys did this when they were tiny and it was so sweet)

2. Say, "You can wipe me now!"

3. Color with chalk on the driveway.

4. Take gymnastics and learn how to do a cartwheel.

5. Depend on someone else to tell you the time. (And ask every ten minutes 'when is it time to go to gymnastics'...etc)

Writing that list made me realize how dependent children are on us...and how much joy they experience in their days.

Our children are so blessed.

Not all children have it so good.

It's easy to remember this at Christmas time when we are getting our Christmas Child boxes together...but in the beginning of a carefree summer the lost children don't come to mind as often as they should.

Dear Lord,

Be with the children who are lonely and afraid;

The children who don't have loving parents to take care of them.

Help me to remember them.

Draw them unto Thee.

God bless Francis ( our Compassion Int. child)

In Jesus name.


Do you do something special to remember unfortunate children throughout the year?
Tell us if you do. It won't be bragging. It might enlighten us to see some opportunities to serve that we haven't thought of before.

Encourage one another,

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