Wednesday, June 01, 2005

Name five things that you ARE crazy about that most people would think you're weird for.

So.... Five things I love for which I receive the most flak :o)

1. Homeschooling. (After 11 years I still get funny looks)
2. I love to watch tv.
3. I don't shave my legs nearly enough. (This is more something I do...which would drive my sister's crazy.)
4. I really love the Lord. (He is the most important thing in the world to me.)
"Christ is the Head of this house,
The unseen Guest at every meal,
The silent Listener to every conversation."

5. I love staying at home. No desire to venture out and make a ton of dough and "do my own thing." (This attitude does not go over big in quite a few circles I frequent.)

Nod to The Dizzy Disciple


A little knitting humor from Raising Helen (the movie)

Helen's sister, Jenny Portman, says to her husband,'Ya know dear, many celebrities are taking up knitting.'
"Really", replies her husband, Ed, unimpressed.

A few days later a car pulls into their driveway...Jenny looks out and inquires;

'Honey, who do we know with a Jaguar?'

'Maybe it's a celebrity, coming to knit with you!'

he he he

It would not be unusual to hear this conversation at our home :o)

Feel free to answer the questions in the comment box or take them home with you :o)
Just let me know so I can come and read your answers! That's the fun part!

Encourage one another,

Jolly June :o)

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