Saturday, October 06, 2007


Da nerve.

I tell ya.

Da nerve.

Do they think we want to get an AARP card the week we turn 50?
To get their magazine!?

Well, try as they might, they will not rain on my parade.

Into the garbage with you, AARP.


October in Wisconsin

In and around Sun Prairie, Wisconsin.


I was taking pictures of that unique tile silo/grain elevator when I was greeted by this young German Shepard. Boy was I glad to see he was on a chain!

The red brick farm house is on a busy highway. I have admired it for over twenty years. This is the first time I have stopped and walked near it.
I love the stone headers above the windows and the shape of the brick structure. (I think it may be Greek Revival) Isn't it pretty!

Beauty really is all around.

You just have to look!

Encourage one another,

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