Thursday, October 25, 2007

Happy Thursday!

Yesterday, Carol asked in the comments;

"How important, in your opinion, is a good camera to good photography? "

Here was my reply;

"I can get much clearer pictures, better contrast, and brighter colors with my D80.
I like being able to control the Aperture so I can blur the background making the picture more interesting and prettier.

I believe you can learn to compose pictures well with a point and shoot and I think everyone can learn to hold the camera nice and still...but the things that make a picture beautiful to me are in learning to use the light and working with your camera to achieve the best results."

Here is a picture I took last winter with my little Olympus digital camera.
I really liked this picture.

P1010224-old camera

It is not very clear.
It is dark.
The house in the back is totally in focus.


Out of focus background.

And then there is Photoshop.

This is straight out of camera. Notice the gray cast over it all. I tried to lighten it...but it made some pimples show up...what could I do with this picture?

I liked the hair and the expression. It was worth fussing with....

Aged Photo

So I did this with it.

Remember I am just a beginner with this whole Photoshop and SLR Digital Camera thang.

But I see a difference.

Don't you?


I'm going to tell you once again to watch Pushing Daisies on Wednesday nights at 7:00.

It's a terrible time. Right after dinner and no one in bed yet.....

But it is really clever and it makes me smile and I just can't believe it is on television.

It's very quirky and I think quite innocent.

Let me know if you watch it.


Remember Ava from last season of Greys???

Tune in tonight. She comes back!


And guess who's birthday it is today?

It is my Irish twins birthday. Sweet sister Sue.

She is now older than me again.

I love you, Sue!

Happy, happy birthday!


That's all folks!

Encourage one another,



Ree @ Confessions of a Pioneer Woman has a tutorial on how to make the eyes pop!
I tried it on this photo.

Thanks Ree!

(Ree's link is on my sidebar)

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