Monday, October 15, 2007


I got a new computer Saturday.

And let me tell you,

I am reading, thinking and learning.

And clicking.

A lot.

And let me just say to anyone trying to learn something completely different.

It never works the first time.


But once you accept that fact.

Your life will be less stressed because you don't expect it to work the first time.

And you know deep down....that it will work...perhaps in two clicks from now....or one-hundred and two clicks from now.

And of all else fails, send me you phone numbers, all you Mac users out there, so I can call and blubber and whine and ask you how to put that thing on that other thing.

And the BIG, COMPLICATED, REAL-DEAL Photoshop should arrive very soon.

And then.

Perhaps my head will explode from the amount of information going in.

Can that happen? I have never heard of something terrible happening from learning too much.

Have you?


And the whole reason for this new machine is to better work on my pictures.
I needed a new monitor and well....that was a learning experience unto here I sit with a bright shiny new tool.

And next Monday....right about this time...I will be walking into Audrey Woulards loft to begin day one of her workshop.

Holy Moly Cow.

I am going to be a nervous wreck!

Heads up, friends....I'm gonna be asking for prayers, real soon.

Dear God,
Please don't let Donna's freak out.
Give her Your peace.
Thank You,

Something like that :o)

antique edit iphoto

I'd like to crop this picture before showing you.
But that would take, like, say, an hour.

So just crop it in your own heads. Or put your fingers around the photo.

I should be a pro by tomorrow.

What did you learn over the weekend?

Hey! Ya know what else I learned?

The Packers are back, baby!

The Pack is back!

Encourage one another,

Spellcheck doesn't work.
he he
First time...not a charm.

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