Monday, October 08, 2007

Well, I took a break from watching the Packers fumble their way to a loss last night and watched Brothers and Sisters.

(I know most of you don't watch this show...but Sue and Cindy do so I'm gonna talk about it briefly)

I was awed by the tenderness and excellent writing.
The scene with Justin and the Senator was so tender and real, I was transfixed.

But that Justin (Dave Annable) is a tremendous, totally natural actor.

And Rob Lowe as the Senator...just getting use to him. He took some big strides in the episode last night.


Katie bought herself a present yesterday. It is a Tamagothi V 4.5


I had never heard of this toy until Saturday afternoon. Seems Leonie and Sophia have them. Katie told me they cost $15.00. I told her to check and see if she had saved enough money yet.

She came into the room confident that she had seventeen dollars.

She carefully counted her money out to Emma. (Her sweet big sister who said she would drive Katie to Walmart to get this exciting toy)

One, two, three, four, five, six, seven....and a dime.


Ten and seven makes seventeen right.


Emma and I exchanged looks and explained the difference between a dime and a dollar bill. And, yes of course, she studied this last year. But. You know how that goes.

So I sent her searching for more dollar bills and she did finally come up with seventeen dollars. Real dollars. And off they went to buy an electronic toy.
That happens to be sleeping right now and won't wake up.

Silly sleepy electronic toy.


I took some more school pictures yesterday. It was a fun learning experience and the children were perfect patient models.
I could spot a forced smile and weary eyes from too much smiling so I would have the children look somewhere else...and try to say something funny. I tried to relax things a bit and make it more enjoyable, than have them sit real, real still and SMILE.

A sneak peek for Amy and her hubby.





These are all sooc (straight out of camera) and have not been post processed yet. I am going to wait for a new monitor to do them justice.

This was just a quick was very dark and I had to lighten it up....
but he looks so cute and the background lighting is fab!


And one last thing.

When you are reading the Bible to your children. Even a children's Bible.
Do you edit the stories?

I just read to Katie about Abraham and Sarah and the servant Hagar. And well. It is just weird that Hagar had Abraham's child. I didn't really like that story and wondered if you skipped the hard to understand stories....even in a children's Bible.

I look forward to your comments about this.

Encourage one another,

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