Monday, December 05, 2011


Do you remember the prayer I was asked to share and pray last month?
(Nov. 1) The little prayer card that was pressed into my hand?
The request for Amy's husband to get a job after a year of looking?

Last Monday Amy's husband started a new job.
I am overjoyed for their family and full of thanks.

I thought you would like to know. I know you were praying too.
Thank you.


Katie and I went to Chicago on Saturday night for a Just Embrace holiday meal.
It was so nice. The food was delicious, the house was decorated so prettily.
A deaf man lives across the street and he just happened to come over.
It was a challenge to read his signs and remember many of the words I wanted to say
but it was fun nonetheless.
His hearing aids are broken and he can't get more...I imagine there is a group in the
city that helps with that....don't you think?

My friend from Madison, Mary, gave me three chicken pies to donate to Justembrace from her church pie sale...
Sher served the first one on Saturday night along with all the other holiday fixin's....last I saw, there was only one piece left!
So thankful for hearts full of charity.


It turns out that a person was shot and killed two blocks from where Sher and Emma live after Katie and I left that night.
Drive by.
Gangs are bad. People are hurting.
I know that there are bright lights of hope and love all around.

let your light so shine before men...

Let your light so shine before men, that they may see your good works, and glorify your Father which is in heaven.
James 5:16

Encourage one another and shine,

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