Tuesday, December 13, 2011

Since I have had my dslr camera,
I have taken a Christmas self portrait
in a ornament.

It's a tradition now.


What is your favorite Christmas tradition?

What is your weirdest Christmas tradition?

They can be the same.


I would say my favorite Christmas tradition is the party we have at our house on Christmas Eve.
It's hectic, it's crowded, it's kind of short, but it's our little family Christmas party and I love it.

It would not seem like Christmas without it.

My parents held a Christmas party for their friends every year on Christmas eve.
Many. Many. fond memories!!

As far as weird traditions....

This is just a weird thing I do...

(Bear with me, I've told this before.)

My wonderful quilting group in Marinette did a fun thing one year. We brought to our Christmas luncheon, something we always served at our Christmas parties. I brought my mom's bologna cream cheese appetizer.

Ours did not look nearly this 'good'.

My friend Roxanne shared a punch her family always had.

I have made this for myself every year. No one else will drink it. But that will not stop me from enjoying just a little
Eggnog Punch.

It's just diet slice, or diet sierra mist, or diet 7-up and eggnog from the carton.

Soda and a milky drink sounds very odd. But I like it.

And thanks to Roxanne, I have one or two or three glasses every year.
It's weird what sticks!

Merry Christmas Roxanne! I think of you every year at eggnog time :o)
I miss you all.

Good times.

Jump in!


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