Monday, December 19, 2011






Ginny Potter Glyman Boucher is sleeping under my chair as I im holding her..typing with one hand.
I was told she is smart....and she is. She is learning so quickly.
She howled and barked and cried so loudly last night i have never heard such noise. but thankfully she calmed herself in about 45 min. i texted janet and she strong. she wont remember this. i set alarm for 1:30...and took her potty,

then this morning, dh feed her and took her out twice as i slept.


it went really well.

babies are hard.

ginny is just a wiz...

she was sad yesterday...if doggies can be sad...
today she is active and playful.

our hands are full...
literally for me right this moment...


potty break.

I'll write when I can!

Encourage one another,

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