Thursday, December 15, 2011

Every night I set my radio alarm to go off at 6:26.
When it goes on in the morning I hear very brief snippets of the news.

This morning I heard, "The war is officially over in Iraq."

Now. You know me. I am not going to get political on this blog.
It makes me nervous to even mention that the war is over....

But it deserves a mention.

A war is over.

Thank you to those who served so bravely and honorably.
Thank you for what you have done.


My family loves a little Kenny and Dolly at Christmas time...and The Judds....and Amy Grant...

Apparently for us, Christmas is about country music....ha!



Katie found her plaid shoes. They were perfect for the concert last night.
She put on a little makeup. It was subtle.
I tried to wipe off the eye shadow.
She curled her hair.
It fell quickly.
We used lots of hair spray and now her hair feels like doll hair.
And so it goes.


Our puppy comes home on Sunday! I am going puppy gear shopping today.
I have been calling her Ginny Potter, but I think she should be
Ginny Glyman Boucher.

Doesn't everyone want to be a Glyman girl?

Encourage one another,

Any unkind or political comments will be deleted.
This is a stress free zone.

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