Thursday, December 22, 2011


It sure is nice having Katie home during the days.
Ginny is getting to know her and she is a help to me.


Every day we go thru the no bite- I'm the boss routine with Ginny. She is persistent but we are standing our ground.
Emma is coming home this afternoon so we will have to train Emma too. :o)

Consistency is the name of the game.


I've been setting my alarm for 2:00 am so I can take Ginny out to potty.

Last night I slipped (like doing the splits) and fell on my bottom.
I got all wet.
Ginny came to the rescue.
Then I put her right back in bed.

Can I tell you how very thrilled I am that it has been in the 30's this week. I can not believe our good fortune.


Katie and I are off to the grocery store now.

For Christmas eve we will have;

Pulled Pork
Fitchburg beans (see recipe blog)
veggies and dip perhaps
sausage and cheese perhaps
Boucher bakery cookies
perhaps a cake or pie...

I suppose I need to make Christmas dinner too.
Either tenderloin or steak bites....hum....
I am more confident with the steak bites...and my family isn't too fussy...
I'll probably do that.

What do you eat on Christmas day?

Encourage one another,

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