Thursday, May 31, 2012

The City Mouse and the Counrty Mouse and a birthday boy.


Driving into Chicago from the western (on the Eisenhower) suburbs takes you directly under the U.S. Post Office.  Our father would point it out and I would be amazed and thrilled to drive UNDER such a big building.  Last Saturday Katie took this picture as I drove under the post office.  It is not a post office any more.  Emma says they are trying to figure out what to do with the building.
When you go under the bridge, you are almost to Michigan Ave.  Beside the novelty of driving under a building, you have the excitement of being almost there.  You are almost to the Art Institute. You are almost to Aunt Dorothy's or Grandma's apartment.
When we go see Emma nowadays we don't from from the western suburbs.  We come from the NW.
Katie will remember the Rosemont water tower.  (It's a giant rose.)
I will remember the traffic, I'm afraid.
But I will also remember the thrill of the big jets coming into O'Hare.

But that post office was pretty special.
I was going under that post office before the John Hancock and Sears towers were even built.
The Prudential building.  That was the biggie.

That's old.

And you know what else is old.

Our son Patrick!!!

He turns 30 years old today.
How can that be since I am only 31 myself???


Patrick was born at Prentiss Woman's Hospital in downtown Chicago on May 31, 1982.
We drove under the post office to get to the hospital.
It was a cool, sunny day.
It was one of the happiest days of my life.
Our precious first child. A boy.  A boy with red hair.

Now he lives far away in California.
He is still our precious boy with red hair.
And we love him dearly.

Happy Birthday Patrick!
We love you.

(Matthew, Melinda, Asher and Patrick's girlfriend Shelby get to celebrate with Patrick today.  I wonder what they will do?  I wish I could bake him his favorite cake!!)


These are in my neighbors garden.


Are they chives?  They are so pretty.

Have a lovely last day of May!!!

Encourage one another,