Friday, May 04, 2012

Flash Back Friday, Y'all


Doesn't mom look amazing in this shiny silver dress?
She is impossibly thin.
Jimmy and Nancy.  Precious babies.  Beautiful.


This is a favorite picture of mine.  We were going to a Halloween party.
Neither of us are costume people.
Wearing cat ears and glasses was my attempt at being....festive.

However.  I think I should always wear those glasses and cat ears.
I look uncharacteristically cute.

My guess is this picture is eight years old.


August 2007.

Katie sees another child at the pool.
She does not know this child.
But she wants to be friends.

Really. Really wants to be friends.

(My favorite Katie swimsuit EVER!)


I had only had my big camera for a few months...and I took lots and lots and lots of picture trying to learn to shoot on manual.



July 2007

I am still not the best at action shots.  I need more practice.  I guess I can work on that this summer.
The helmets are fitting better now.  Thank heavens.  They all looked like bobble head dolls out there!

Emma on bike

Emma was in India in the summer of 2007.

Emily and Emma

Emma and her friend Emily getting their hands dyed.


This picture was taken moments before the kiss picture on my blog.
It's really hard to take a self portrait with a D80 and 50 mm lens.
But I tried, by golly, I tried.

And if you can find a tread of anything linking these pictures today....
you are a better man than me.

What can I say?
I am thankful for my life.
I am thankful for my camera and everybody else who has a camera and takes a picture and passes it along....
They matter.
Those snaps matter.

Encourage one another,