Tuesday, May 15, 2012

My favorite Instagrams.

This mood.
I love this dreamy mood.


I will tell you my secret.  I wanted Katie's eyes looking off.
I told her to look a few places and they were too far.
Then I told her to look at my ear.

It was good.

Do you think Francesco Scuvullo told his models to look at his ear?

Me neither.

Vintage ride

This bike shop is cool.
I bet it is even cooler if you really like bikes.

Did you know old bikes like this sell for $1800?

366/ last minute

I will make a book from Blurb at the end of the year.  The book will have 366 pictures in it.  I think it will have four pictures on a page.  I have taken a picture with my camera phone every day so far this year.
In this picture,  it was the end of the day and hadn't taken a picture yet.

Ginny was there.


Who do you think will go home tonight on Dancing with the Stars?
Who will win American Idol?
Have you ever worn polarized sun glasses?
Do they bother you or do you love them?
Asher was not talking when we went to their house at Easter.
He is talking a whole lot now.
I can't wait to hear his little voice.

Enjoy your day!
Add to the beauty.

Encourage one another,