Saturday, May 05, 2012



1.  People are prettier when they think they look pretty.
This must be why fashion phototogs can be overheard cooing and encouraging their models.
'You look fabulous!'
Katie felt so pretty and special in her new top.

2. I bought this top for Katie because I wore tube tops back in the 70's.
We even learned how to make them.  She picked out the white with dark blue/black bow.
I also helped her choose a dress to wear to a wedding in July.  It's got the tube thing going too but it is navy and white checked.  Super cute.

3.  My technical goal in photography is to take a perfectly exposed picture.
This white top kills me.  I hate this white glare thing going on.  Every single picture this white top is freaking out with dumb white glare.
Now.  If I exposed for the white top, Katie's face would be way too dark.
(I love how Katie's face is exposed in this picture.)
I have four or five actions that fix white.  I hate them.  The white turns out grey and weird.
None of them work to my satisfaction.

4.  This is just one of the many reasons why I do not shoot wedding pictures.

5.  I guess I will google it to see if I can find an easy answer.

6.  Cause it really makes me mad.


On a covered porch.


Far back in garage.  This is my best white of the whole shoot.
I make my models sit on balls.

Sometimes they fall off.


We had a best day yesterday.

No school for Katie.
I love that.

We shopped for Tom's shoes.  No luck.  So we went to Hollister because she wanted to buy a shirt with her own money.  I liked the styles this spring and bought her a few things.  She was so grateful.

Then we went to our favorite Thai place for lunch.
(I made her taste a few new things because I am reading Bringing Up Bebe and the author explains that the French encourage tasting. A lot.  Early and often.)

And then we had our nails done.
(Are you suppose to match your toes to your fingernails?  Katie did not.
I only had my toenails done.)

I tipped extravagantly.

I tried to explain to my girl how appreciative I was of her attention to detail and meticulous work but I really don't think she understood me.

Katie's girl painted Katie's fingernails for no charge.

We thanked her with a generous tip too.

What else can you do?  The language gap is hard.


I really must make this.

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Have a lovely weekend.
And if you know how to shoot white things, tell me.

Love ya!