Tuesday, May 26, 2015

Onions, Onions, tra la la.

Sorry I was gone for so many days.
I had a hair appointment on Friday morning so that messed me up there and then the weekend came and I, well, took the weekend off.  :o)

Here is the before and after of my hair.

truth in advertising....
I should have my hair colored every few months...but I let it go for 9 months.
It's terrible.  When it get's all brown and grey I always pull it back.  
Seriously, I am not fooling anyone here.  I've given up.

Finally!  Thank you for the lyrics Emma and Miranda 😆💇🎤

Patrick purchased a gift certificate for a color and cut...and I finally went.
Emma shared a song with me called Platinum by Miranda Lambert a few weeks ago....
I knew just what I was going to write on my picture when I heard the funny words!

Gosh it's nice to be blonde again.


On Sunday and Monday Katie and I went to my sister-in-laws house for some much needed choir auditon assistance.  Susan is such a talented and generous person.  She plays piano beautifully and has helped loads of musicians and singers over the years.  Katie is trying out for concert choir this week and she did not know the song at all.  It's a challenging piece but very pretty.  Susan was a huge help!!!

Fingers crossed tryouts go well.

Then Susan gave me some vidalia onions from her son-in-law from Georgia.

Vadalia onions take me back to a funny story from junior high. #onbloglatertoday

The rabbit trail continues......

Vidalia onions remind me of a special mom who was in my life for just a few years in grade school and middle school.  My best neighborhood friend, Claire moved to Wheaton in 6th grade.  We became fast friends.  On hot summer days Claire and I would get together and play chess in her living room. Of all things I remember the chess is most prominent.  (other than the onions...) 
 Claire's family always seemed so refined.  Genteel.  I think it was due to Mrs. Lamb and her southern roots.  But I always remember it being so quiet in their house.  Claire's mom wore her red hair in a chignon and wore neat dresses.

One spring day for lunch Mrs. Lamb was making a sandwich.  It was an ONION sandwich.  
This I had never hear of in my life.  If I recall correctly she used white bread, butter and slices of onion.  Uncooked. Raw onions.  

She made one for me and I liked it.

Soon after this I decided to make myself a nice onion sandwich at home.
I reached for the onions we had in our house.  Probably yellow onions.  They looked just the same.
And I made a sandwich just like hers.

Oh my goodness!  Was it strong and awful!
I am sure Mrs Lamb told me that her onions were special onions from Georgia...
Vadalia onions which are sweet and mild.

But I was a kid.   What could be so different?

So yes, every year that the Vadalia onions are in season and I see them at the grocery store I think of Mrs. Lamb and my friend Claire.

Claire stops by the blog to this day.  It is a real delight for me to see her name in the comments.
I'm not sure if I've told this story already.  I hope not.  But if so....enjoy the repeat.

Perhaps I will try a Vadalia onion sandwich for lunch today.
What do you think?

Encourage one another,

p.s. the title of my blog is part of a song from the 1960's.  My mom liked it and I remember her singing it with glee.  It was called I love Onions.


  1. Vidalia onions make me so happy. But I, too, have grabbed the wrong ones. Not a pleasant error to make. :) I'm SO glad Katie found help for her audition! What did she sing?? Your hair looks perfect. Hugs!

    1. Hi Steph,
      It did not have the name on the paper. Just three pages with arrows saying sing from here to here! She could NEVER have done it without help! Very relieved and thankful. Tryout today at 4:00

  2. Love Vidalia onions!

    I fix them lots of different ways, but rarely as the only ingredient of sandwich. Always on a burger tho'. FWIW Southerners are partial to mayonnaise (over butter) on a sandwich.

    I saute Vidalias and serve them as a side dish. I add them to my yellow squash casserole.

    Here's a link to a favorite appetizer ~

  3. That is such a great story! I'm so impressed by your memory for detail and can almost see Claire's cool, quiet home with her dressed up mom in a fancy hairstyle.

    P.S. Good luck to Katie and my mom eats Vidalia onions like apples. :)

  4. I LOVE going down the rabbit hole with you Donna Boo. I Love your blonde locks. Nothing like a new DOO!!! You look pretty lady!
    I love your descriptions of Claire's house and mother.
    Tra la la la la ....here's hoping Katie has a great audition.
    If the onions were grilled in butter and then the bread was grilled, I'd be all over that sandwich.

  5. Wow, Donna, when I was a child my dad told us about the best onion sandwiches he ate in Washington when he was courting my mom. Now I live an hour from Walla Walla and revel in sweet onion bliss every May-November.

    Your hair is fabulous. Don't you wish you could have your hair styled daily? If I were as rich as Oprah I would pay a good stylist $80K/year to do my hair every morning. He/She could do whatever the rest of the day.

    Back to onions--my middle son was cured of biting by my neighbor who made him bite an onion after he bit a little boy. His two year old is in need of similar therapy!

    I am going to Google the song now. Happy day, friend! ~ Carol not in Oregon today

    1. Anonymous12:50 PM

      That's funny! My sister recalls a school trip where a kid cussed on the bus and had to bite an onion as punishment. She says at the time, all the kids screamed in horror at the thought of having to bite an onion, and she always ends the story with "what a weird thing to freak out about, we eat raw onions all the time." but it was enough to teach the whole bus full of kids not to cuss.

    2. Carol, I have thought that very same thing about having someone else do my hair every day!! :)

  6. Anonymous12:25 PM

    My mother colored her hair every month including the month she died. Everyone thought she was a natural blond, but I remembered being little with a brown haired Mama. Smile! You look lovely and more importantly look like you enjoy being a blond. A good onion makes my day!
    love and prayers, jep

    1. Anonymous3:54 PM

      Forgot to say, good luck Katie!

  7. Looking gorgeous, Donna! Love your hair!

  8. Anonymous1:40 PM

    Oh my, Donna. Your hair looks fabulous. Doesn't a good hairdo just uplift your spirit? I love Carol's story of an onion cure for biting. I am going to suggest that to my daughter. My two year old grandson is going through a biting stage and she is at her wit's end. Loved your rabbitt trail today! Your friend Clair's house sounds like a scene from The Help. I love the glamour of women in housedresses.

    Debbie Z.

  9. claire4:33 PM

    I love that you have nice memories of my mom! She would only have onion sandwiches when my Dad was out of town :) They are really good with spring onions also.

  10. I have never taken a bite of a vidalia onion in my life. I think it must be time to try it though, don't you think?

    Good thing you're back to being a blonde, Donna, just in time for summer! Blondes have more fun, dontcha know?! hee hee

    How fortunate Katie is to have her own personal singing coach to help her learn her music. Can't wait to hear the update on her tryouts!

    The spring peepers are peeping like crazy tonight. They must like the rain we've been getting lately?

    Tammy ~@~

  11. I love this post! And I am having a serious case of blond envy. My highlights from last year are all grown out and I am trying to be a bit more frugal about my hair. But oy vey it's looking drab.

    Once in Zurich the gal in the next chair told my hairdresser that my hair was cow tail brown (swiss version of a dishwater blond?) It was a special moment ;-)

    Good luck to Katie!!

    1. Anonymous8:27 AM

      Perhaps she was thinking about the Charolais breed of cattle from France. They are a pretty color of "blond." We had some at one time grazing in the pastures at the family ranch. ;-) love and prayers, jep

    2. Oh no! That is ....terrible. No one want's any part of their body compared to a cow.
      Donna Elsie

    3. :-) she was approx. 80 so I forgave her on the spot. Hehe

  12. Your hair? DROP DEAD GORGEOUS! I love the color. Love, love, LOVE! You look young and fabulous. You are beautiful. I know you are scrunching your nose up and rolling your eyes as you read this, but it is true.

    I would love an onion sandwich. I never had a friend's mom wear their hair like that. You are fancy! : )

  13. Sorry I've been absent for so very long. I just stopped by to catch up on your life and to see your lovely photographs, Donna. I want to tell you that I love your hair. It looks fabulous!


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