Sunday, March 12, 2006

I am so thankful tonight.

So thankful that today was not the day I received the worst kind of phone call.

Matthew and Melinda were in a car accident today.

They are both perfectly fine.

But the more I hear about the accident...the more thankful I am that today was not...their last day.

Oh. Thank. You. God.

On the way to church this morning, Matthew was driving about 60mph, on a highway in Omaha...the car started spinning, due to icy conditions.

The back side of the car hit a pole ( which broke away) and they ended up in a ditch.

The car is looking quite battered; The back end is crumpled, the back window shattered, two flattened tires and possibly a broken back axel.

But Matthew and Melinda do not have a scratch.

Did I tell you, I am thankful.

Thank you, God,
for our children.

I love you,

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