Wednesday, March 29, 2006

If you're an American Idol fan, the place to visit for recaps on the web is Girls Talkin' Smack.
This funny chic is right on with her critiques and even has videos of the best performances!

It's a great page, if you love American Idol.

And if people call you during the show...and you miss the first three performances.

A hem.


What do you think of The Amazing Race this season?

Do you find any of the contestants at all like-able?

Do you know how to pronounce Palermo?

The racers had a hard time with it....

One gal said, "Where is Palimino?"

The ruins at the end of the show were gorgeous and Parthenon-esque.

What a sight.

I loved the men picking up that heavy bell and bearing that big load, solo. This was really the only time in the show that I cheered and really got behind some of the contestants.

Two things lacking are friendly locals and someone to cheer for....

And the fact that my husband keeps falling asleep, due to the later air time....well...that makes the show seem less interesting, sitting next to ole Sleepyhead.

But. It's just television!

What's your opinion?

Encourage one another,

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