Thursday, March 16, 2006

Life is just like that some times.

Oh, bother.


If you haven't noticed..the interesting stuff has been in the comments the last two days. I greatly appreciate the comments on dating rules. Dana, I am still waiting for you to come back and tell us your 'rules'.

This morning I woke to a very lovely comment from Island Sparrow about loving Christ.

I love Hannah W. Smith. I think that to be "one with Him" is a constantly growing journey - the more we go forward, the more we will be filled with His love - and if we are filled with His love - even overflowing - then it won't be so much effort to love others but rather an overflow because we are centered in Him. Thinking about it this way helps me - then my one aim becomes to seek Him first rather than think "how do I act like a Christian?" If I seek to love Him - focus on Him - pursue Him - love for others flows out of that relationship. Sort of like new lovers - no one can disturb their happiness because they are so filled with each other - and they want to be kind to everyone because they are so happy themselves. That's what I long for in my relationship with Christ.
~Island Sparrow

Islands Sparrow's comment says it all so well. Thank you, Island Sparrow.

I appreciate her comment so much.

It is truly a life long process and that the Holy Spirit is at work in me helping me change.

Elizabeth Prentiss' book Stepping Heavenward is about a young girl who changes and grows and becomes more like Christ.

It takes her whole life.

I highly recommend this book.


Question of the day

If you were a dog, what kind of dog would you be?

I would be a stunning blonde :o)

Encourage one another,

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