Thursday, March 23, 2006

MamaGeph tagged me with this meme.

Thanks for the tag!
This one made me think a bit this morning.
(Always a good thing)

1. Who or what inspired you to start blogging? Was it a whim, or a carefully thought out leap?

It all started with The Well Trained Mind message board six years ago. Getting to know the women (fellow homeschoolers) at that site gave me a taste for internet communication. As it happens, I stumbled onto Carmon's website, Buried Treasure and soon after that found Samantha at The Home Realm.

I started my own blog out of a desire to encourage other women; especially those with families. (a la Titus 2:3-5)

I had heard Elisabeth Elliot's message for older women to encourage younger women and I felt this might be a way for me to do this...

Jan. 1, 2004 was day one for this blog.

2. What bloggers inspire you now? Why?

I will just tell you why bloggers inspire me...
(my sidebar is just a small list of the bloggers I find inspiring. I could easily add 25 more blogs to that list)

I am inspired by personal stories, book lists and reviews, recipes, amazing quotes, prayer requests, pictures and humor.

3. What subjects do you enjoy writing about most? What subjects are the easiest?

I love if I have a funny story to tell...with an anecdote.
The easiest subject to write about is Miss Katie Gracie.

4. If you could pick only one post to print, frame, and say, "That's me," what would it be?

Thursday, January 08, 2004

"Before the stars have left the skies,
At morning in the dark I rise;
And shivering in my nakedness,
By the candle, bathe and dress,"

Robert Louis Stevenson

Yes...that is how we feel in Wisconsin in the mornings in the Winter-Time.

I was going to start schooling today after our long Christmas break but Katie has just received a rare invitation to play with a little girl and boy. So I think school will start tomorrow. Katie has so few opportunities to play with children her age. She will be thrilled.
Emma won't mind the extra day to sleep in and I will be keeping one of my goals for this year...Helping Katie to make friends.

Perhaps Emma can do Algebra, read The Odyssey and Warriner's English this afternoon. Well, there you have it...journaling and daily school planning in one quick step!


A Lesson for Children.

Pray to God.
Love God.
Fear God.
Serve God.
Take not God's
Name in vain.
Do not Swear.
Do not Steal.
Cheat not in your play.
Play not with bad boys.
Call no ill names.
Use no ill words.
Tell no lies.
Hate Lies.
Speak the Truth.
Spend your Time well.
Love your School.
Mind your Book.
Strive to learn.
Be not a Dunce

The New England Primer of 1777


I think the order of the poem is important.
Isn't the last line a hoot! Be not a Dunce :o)

Encourage one another,

5. What is your favorite flavor of cheesecake?

I don't have a favorite. It's all good :o)


Elizabeth asks in the comments;

Did you homeschool your boys? And, what are some siignificant differences between when they were Katie's age and now, in terms of parenting?

Patrick Jr. was homeschooled for 7th and 8th grade.
Matthew was homeschooled 4th-6th.
Emma has been home since Kindergarten.

After homeschooling the boys went to a very small Christian school.

Homeschooling is different for me know because I am experienced and more confident.

My character has changed a lot since our three big kids were all young.
I think I was impatient and kind of a hot head in certain situations.

I lost my temper more easily than I do now.
I had some wrong views about God...and life...and marriage...

With the help of God, I have gotten through some difficult circumstances, and have a better idea of who I believe He is; learning this has given me peace and joy in my circumstances.

I am less rigid now.
If Katie stays up past 8:00 it does not bother much :o)

Yes, rigid is the right word.

Man. I was nutty.

I'm glad I've changed. I'm sure I'm easier to live with...a little.

I still get kooky and tense in the car. But, really, I'm working on it.

I even drive too slow sometimes and Emma tells me,

"Mom, drive faster!"

Perhaps not the answer you were looking for...but an honest one.

Encourage one another,

p.s. Katie would not have done well with the uptight momma I was....
she needs a calm momma to balance out her highs and lows.

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