Wednesday, March 22, 2006

What a great day!

Doesn't it look like we were the only ones there? Don't be fooled, it was packed at the Field Museum. We liked the mummies and Pompeii exhibit and of course, Sue, the largest Tyrannosaurus Rex.

Here we are standing near the famous Art Institute lions.
Emma and I especially loved being here at the Art Institute. It was a joy for me to be with Emma as she 'met' many of her favorites for the first time.

I have seen this painting many times. The colors in person are glorious. The name of the painting gave me a little thrill :o)
Two Sisters by Renoir.
Notice the age difference in the girls :o)

This sculpture in Millennium Park (right next door to the Art Institute) is called The Cloud Gate. It was under construction so we could not get the true beauty and effect....but it was fun to see anyway :o)

The traveling went quite smoothly. Three hours down...two and a half back.
We had dinner at The Cheesecake factory and were able to relax and gawk at the huge portions of food they brought us. You have never seen such a huge pile of lettuce in your life. I ordered the Cobb Salad and it resembled Mt. Vesuvius with an avocado on top. I ate about 1/5 of my salad, Matthew ate 2/3 of his gigantic hamburger and Emma brought home 1/2 of her fettucini.

We wondered if anyone could consume that much food in one sitting.


If I lived in Chicago I would get a family pass to The Art Institute. We did not get to see everything and wouldn't it be wonderful just to drop in any ole' time you wanted? It is a first class museum!

Well...I have a meme to answer and a question from Elizabeth...but those will both have to wait until tomorrow. I'm sorry ladies. I promise to get to those, but I have used up most of my pre-school morning time blogging already!

Thank you for sharing your museum visits with me :o)
Lynn....the mustard museum! he he

I should ask, who has been to the most obscure museum?

Encourage one another,

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