Monday, October 09, 2006

Row, Row, Row the boat...

Oh my. Who knew rowing a boat was so hard?

Climbing the side of a cliff. That looks hard.

But gee, I thought everyone had rowed a boat.

Just a little.

But on Amazing Race last night this task brought about tears and fits of anger and more tears.


I think every couple planning a wedding should be forced to row a sampan in rough waters. Then they can settle in for the pre-marital counseling.

Or maybe it would be a great first date. Why waste time?

"Oh, you'd like to date our daughter?
There's the sampan, and here are your oars.
Have a nice time, you two!"


Let's see what else happened on the weekend.

It was warm enough for a few more tomatoes to turn red.
Emma was invited to join the girl's volleyball team.
Katie was chosen as one of the five narrators for the Christmas play.
Patrick worked, and then watched
his Packers lose in the last few seconds of the game. :o(
I puttered around, knit socks and a shawl, searched for low air fares, and went shopping with my birthday giftcards :o)

It was quite fine.

Did you see the harvest moon?

Encourage one another,

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