Tuesday, October 31, 2006

I have a very excited little girl in the house this morning. She has been counting down to Halloween for months.
She can't wait to dress up as a black cat
and run thru the neighborhood with Dorothy and Toto and collect a pumpkin full of candy.

Half of the costume is already in place.
Six o'clock can't come soon enough.

I sure hope I can find a bag or two of candy at Walgreens.

I always buy a bag of Butterfingers.
Those are for me.
It wouldn't be Halloween without Butterfingers.

Oddly, our children like the sour candies like Skittles, Smarties, Sweet Tarts and Starburst. I like Butterfingers, Almond Joy's and Kitkats.
The children always share their Tootsie Rolls with their daddy.

The pumpkin still needs to be carved.
I carve the same face every year.

It's tradition!


Halloween is in the fall,
When summer colors fade.
But there are colors everywhere,
In the Halloween parade.
It's fun to dress on Halloween,
In costumes bold and bright.
An old brown owl, a big black cat,
Or a little ghost in white.
Pumpkins are so fat and round..
A bright orange color, too.
Scoop them out and carve a face.
So they can grin at you.
So have a colorful Halloween
And make October bright.
With all the colors of Halloween:
Black, orange, brown and white.

What a funny seed I found,
I wondered what would grow.
So I planted it in the ground,
And now I know!

Little leaves were first to sprout,
Growing in a line,
Then golden blossoms opened out
Along the vine.

And then something grew and grew and grew!
The biggest ever seen!
And now I have a pumpkin-
Just in time for HALLOWEEN!

Encourage one another,

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