Thursday, October 26, 2006

Thank you so much for chirping in and wishing Sue a happy birthday. I had a busy evening and didn't have a chance to call her...I hope she had a nice night with her loved ones.

Why don't you fill us in, in the comments Sue?

Did you get anything special?
Fifty of anything?


Let's talk about handwriting a little today.

I, when I am not dashing off a check, have nice, legible handwriting.
My children have horrid handwriting. I have attributed this to the fact that handwriting in not graded anymore, by teachers or mothers.

I read recently that 70% of the written portion of the ACT was done in printing.

Instead, students are very adept on the keyboard now.

But do you think it is important?
Does the culture think it is important?
Is it alright to have completely dropped the standard?

Katie already writes her name nicer than all three of her big siblings.

Now, I know it's not right to compare. But perhaps shame will work. Naw.
They don't care.

Should I?

Is there really a good reason to care.

How important is pretty handwriting?

Encourage one another,


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