Monday, November 06, 2006

The best of the Christmas picture attempts.

I am not a big planner of this sort of thing. We should have taken the picture the night before when everyone was awake...with bright eyes, dry hair and makeup.

Really, I think everyone looks quite nice for the time and the effort.

And even if it is not going to be The Christmas Photo...

it's a good reminder of that that place.

Highlights of the trip to Omaha-

*Fabulous weather for soccer. One exciting soccer win.
*Lots of volleyball matches!!! Two game wins. New experiences, hard work, and lots of fun.
*Visiting with gentle, thoughtful Melinda.
*Meeting funny, talkative Shelby.
*Staying with even-keeled Matthew(it really was nice to stay at his place!)
*Watching Patrick goof around with the folks at work.
*New places, new apartments, new kittens...
*Yummy food, loads of laughter, plenty of hugs.

It was great to spend time with The Girlfriends. It's neat to see them interact with the boys. Both girls were so sweet with Katie. They made sure Katie was not totally lost in the big person shuffle.
Thank you, Melinda and Shelby :o)

Other than was just a fantastic time spent with the ones I love.

Who could ask for anything more...

Oh except...

Be always coming home.

So what did you do last the weekend?
Any news?

Encourage one another,

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