Thursday, November 09, 2006

Did you watch Dancin' with the Stars last night?

Well...I tivoed it and let me tell you it is the only way to watch a results show.
Ten minutes and I knew who got the axe.

Sweet Joey is gone and Darlin' Emmitt and Amazing Mario are left to duke it out next week on the finale.

I really don't know who will win.

I may need to vote.

My sister's love Emmitt Smith. And while I love his style and smile...
Mario has the form and moves I adore!

And in other television news;

Regis won his match on Celebrity Jeopardy!!!

Well done!

Seems you have finally mastered THE Buzzer!!!


Tonight we have Grey's Anatomy.

Who would have thought that Alex would turn out to be the most watchable character on the show?

Remember him in The Wedding Planner as Massimo?

And so...

Here ends the Quiet Life Television Blog.

I know that 80 % of you don't even watch tv.

But, I just couldn't help myself.

I like to watch.

Encourage one another,

(I feel silly to write 'Encourage one another' after that post. :o)

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