Monday, November 27, 2006

Katie and I were invited to a special event last night.

We watched "Molly:An American Girl on the Home Front" with a big group of homeschool mothers and daughters.

The girls were invited to wear an outfit like Molly and bring a treat that the folks in the 1940's would have enjoyed.

The movie was very sweet and innocent. (and very sad, many families lost sons in the war overseas)

The tragedy of death is not a concept that Katie is ready to understand.
When I asked her if she cried she said,

"Well, I almost cried." said Katie.
"When was that?", I asked.
"When the girl had the nightmare."

Ah. Nightmares she can relate to. Interesting.


I was thinking of family traditions this morning.

And I forgot to tell you something special we have always done on Thanksgiving.

We send the kids bowling.

~Paul Martin/

Doesn't that just say Happy Thanksgiving?



My Christmas cards have been shipped! I created and ordered them from Shutterfly.

My hubby thinks this may be the earliest I've gotten the cards.

I told him, that may be....

but I still have time to drag it out.

Once here, a letter needs to be written for the cards, they must then be addressed and stamps must be purchased.

It's a big job.

But worth it, to me.

Will you send out Christmas cards?

Encourage one another,

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