Monday, September 09, 2013

What a fun weekend!

Katie went to her first Young Life party.  It was a tail gate party for the local high school football game.
Janet and Janice's children are very involved with Young Life and they all love it.    I was thrilled to learn we had an active club right here in our little town.

Saturday I had a Senior session.
Senior in high school.



DSC_7612 copy

What a joy to meet this young man and to take his pictures.  He is smart, friendly and smiley!
He will go far.  No doubt about it.

We watched a movie called What Maisie Knew.  This movie is basically a study of a little girl and her fighting parents.  I liked it.  Patrick said, "No more chick flicks."  And slept.

I told Katie about the movie and she said, "Not everyone should have children."

She's right.

Then we watched the Packers lose a tough game against the 49ers.
This was no fun at all.

There were a few catches that wowed and Clay Matthews got to the quarterback a few times....but the fact that they couldn't cover #81 nearly did me in.

I am watching the final season of Breaking Bad.  I have not watched the other seasons but I love a final season.....

Last night the ending of the show was EPIC.  (Three more shows to go until the finale.)
Let me know if you are watching and what you thought.
(I will be surprised if anyone else is watching this.)

Last week the list of 'stars' for Dancing with the Stars was announced.
It is a really blah list.  Too many people I do not care for and do not care about.
I don't think I will be watching...unless there is nothing at all on whatsoever.

Volleyball has started and Katie is excited about that.
Which makes me excited too.

I am reading a book called Love Does by Bob Goff.
Have you read this book?

Encourage one another,


  1. Good morning! I love a good list and this is great! I do appreciate the work of Young Life. My son-in-law was an Intern with YL for 2 years after university (plus a dear friend found the Lord as a direct result of YL) and I am so glad Katie can be part of this great ministry.

    I've never watched Breaking Bad - maybe someday it will come to my corner of the world (reruns that is)

    Must check out Love Does.

    Have a wonderful day :-) Time for me to walk over to St.Arbucks for my daily double tall latte - they see me coming and start to make it ... in a mug. I love being a regular :-)

    1. Anonymous10:24 AM

      I love a good list, too!

      Sarah P. from Iowa

  2. Hi Donna,
    I love the photo with the orange window frame in the background. Great colors! But any of the photos would be wonderful for his official portrait. You have a real gift for capturing people where they look happy and natural.

    Good weekend here, too. Who can complain with blue skies and warm temps? It is finally "summer" here on the coast south of SF.


  3. Anonymous10:23 AM

    Great pictures of a handsome guy, Donna.

    I haven't heard of Love Does. Thanks for bringing it up. I just finished HODA. It was an interesting and funny book. I liked it.

    I'm glad you had a good weekend. We did too!

    Sarah P. from it' in Iowa

  4. Just downloaded Love Does to my kindle - it sounds wonderful. :-) thanks for the tip Miz B

  5. Love Does is WONDERFUL!!! :) My favorite line "Be the parade you want to see." Enjoy - also, Bob is on Facebook and has wonderful daily thoughts.

  6. I like the sound of Love Does, Donna. I will wait for either a) our library to get it or b) my book buying sabbatical to end on January 1st. I better start saving for January list is getting long.

    Didn't get to watch much of my 9ers yesterday as Bren was playing basketball. Clay's out of bounds tackle of Cap brought a little different response than yours in the 9er friendly viewing area at the Hardwood Palace (-:

    I agree with Alison: that orange is the perfect frame for this handsome young man. What a great smile!

    Happy Monday! It's a two-espresso day for me.

    Di from it's in Placerville, CA

  7. I like his shirt.

    I've been meaning to start Breaking Bad, all the seasons are on Netflix.

  8. Anonymous12:04 PM

    I just looked up Love Does and will add it to my list!

    I have a movie recommendation to share. If you haven't seen "The Way, Way Back", please do so. Molly and I went to see it the other evening and it was so, so good.

    Great photos of the smiley senior!

    Our volleyball season is underway, too, and it's my favorite. Good luck to Katie!!

    Mary Z

  9. We saw The Way Way Back and liked it very much.

    Love Does is a nice book. It is not great so far. But pretty nice.

  10. Had to chime in regarding Breaking Bad. It is one of the best shows EVER!! You really should go back and watch the other seasons. They will not disappoint. Very sad it's almost the end. I must say they're doing a fantastic job with the final episodes.


  11. I don't think I can do Breaking Bad. It's fairly violent/dark, right? I'm such a weirdo. I just can't handle that kind of stuff. I'm on episode three of Call the Midwife and thinking of stopping because as much as I love it, I just can't handle the emotional whiplash of it. Not my strong suit. (Exhibit A- my meltdown at the end of Downton, season 3.)

  12. Anonymous4:07 PM

    There's an interesting article in Christianity Today about Breaking Bad. Made me want to see it. You could probably find it online. It talks about the themes. Very intriguing. Glad you like it!


  13. Have not read that book, but have you read The Glass Castle? (Speaking of family dysfunction in the Masie movie).
    Your senior photos are wonderful. He looks full of personality. Have a good week, Donna.

  14. We're going to have to re-watch last night's Breaking Bad. We have a bad habit of watching it too late at night and falling asleep... Love the series, though. I just love it. Jessie is the best, yo.

  15. Anonymous5:47 PM

    Yay! for Young Life!! My boys really enjoyed it thru their high school years! We hosted once a month! Fun to see all the kids...our entryway was covered up with their shoes!

    NOW about Breaking Bad! Hooked!! It IS SO DARK!!! AWFUL!! Our new trick is to DVR it at 9:00 and then we are able to stay awake for Talking Bad! Only 3 more Sunday nights of nightmares!! ;)

    Sis' Cindy :)

  16. Donna,
    I so love the picture with the orange window frame. It is not cliche like so many Sr. pictures are these days.

  17. YES, I read Love Does last winter and loved it. All my 20-something kids and their spouses are reading or have read it. Wish my brain was together enough to quote from it ... but his writing is good and his ideas are better. A favorite chapter is the one where he gets in an auto accident. Fantastic. I aspire to adopt Bob's attitude toward life and God and people. Keep reading!

  18. I have not read the book but I LOVE the title. Yes I do! : )

    Gary is watching the Eagles right now and he is very excited. His team is winning against the Washington Redskins.

    I don't think everyone should have children either. I think that so often when I am working. And I still cry. This year I have been crying more than ever about the children that need better parents. I wish there was some way I could bring them all home. Gary says no. Kaish thinks that would be exciting. The thought of sleep logistics does worry me a little.

    i haven't seen Breaking Bad. The only thing I watch with consistency is the Real Housewives and even they have left me feeling sort of blah and negative lately.

    The Senior boy is so handsome. I am glad you were able to photograph him. You did a beautiful job. If I could hire any photographer in the world to photograph Kaish, I would pick you. I would pick you over Ms. Leibovitz, Ms. Bryce or Mr. Arias.

    I wish you could come to the I heart faces conference in Ohio. Is it possible?

  19. I have heard good things about the book Love Does.
    As usual, your pictures are amazing.
    I hope Katie has a great season!

  20. Found two books that should be on everyone's MUST read list ... at the library, of course. Susan Wilson is the author of both ... one is The Dog Who Danced and the other is One Good Dog ... GREAT reads!! Unique story lines from the perspectives of both the humans in the book as well as the dogs. Can't recommend them highly enough ... GREAT life lessons, too!

  21. The senior portraits are fantastic!!! Looks like he was a great 'subject'. Most boys that age don't cooperate. aka my son. lol


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