Wednesday, December 04, 2013

I've always wanted to see parade balloons!

And we did see them.

We stood on State street near Macy's aka Marshall Fields.
We took the El down very early.
The parade was to start at 8:00.
So away we went on the El.

The parade did not get to our spot until 9:00.

We saw horses of many sizes and listened to bands from all over the country.
We cheered for the Hawks from Austin Texas because their mom's were standing next to us!
It was fun to see their excitement!

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We love Garrett popcorn!!


Chicago is a busy place.  At the same time the parade was going on there was a Thanksgiving morning 8K (race/run).  Why 8K?  I didn't ask.

But if you go to the parade.  Dress warmly.  Don't go early.
The balloons were fun to see but I was surprised to see how worn out and sad many of them looked.

I'm so glad we did it...but actually I can cross that off my imaginary bucket list now and I don't even really want to see the Macy's parade like I use to.

I wonder if the girls would want to go back?

"That was nice."
~parade quote

Encourage one another,


  1. I went to the Rose Parade a gajillion years ago. It was a fun adventure, but I sure didn't need to go twice (-: I do remember it being cold, and this is Pasadena, CA. I cannot imagine how cold it was in Chicago.

    So glad you had fun with your girls.


  2. Anonymous11:45 AM

    Let's go to Chicago when it's warm, Di! : )

    Sarah P. from Iowa

  3. Anonymous11:53 AM

    I like the pictures and I think my favorite thing about them is seeing the people watching from the windows. Garfield is looking pretty cool.

    Sarah P. from Iowa

    1. Anonymous12:53 PM

      I like the people in the windows, too! The ones in the turkey picture made me think of Susan watching the parade out of her window in Miracle on 34th Street. Wrong town, wrong parade, I know -- but still!

      Mary Z

  4. Now that was fun! Thanks for sharing it with us! We have talked about going into the city to see the Macy's parade, but then we think about being out in the cold and decide not to consider it any further. Besides, where on earth would we go potty? :)

  5. Janice3:59 PM

    Makin' Memories. Dynamic Quotes by miz boo <3

  6. WE heard similar comments last year when our niece took her children down for Thanksgiving. ….

  7. I would go again if I was bringing a friend from out of town/family/kids. Not for my own pure enjoyment though ;) once was enough. 15 degrees warmer would've helped, too!

  8. Anonymous7:18 PM

    LOVE those parade/Chicago pictures. I think Chicago is one of the most beautiful cities during the Holidays ever! Karen F.

  9. When our family participates in something like this that has high expectations and is ..... nice but not thrilling, we always say, 'well. that was nice for something different.'


    Love it. And count me in for the warm-weather [but NOT TOO HOT] Chicago trip.


  10. Anonymous7:57 PM

    My favorite parade watching is done at home in front of the TV, but we did see the Denver Parade of Lights….many years ago…twice from the street (Cold) and once from the window of our room at the Brown Hotel (now that was fun!). love and prayers and happiness for memory making with the Boucher Ladies, jep

  11. I marched in the Rose Parade when I was in high school. It was cold. We wore trash bags over our uniforms for warmth and to keep them clean if we needed to sit on the pavement before it started. We had to line up about 4 in the morning, if I remember right. It was a terrific day, kind of like being at Disneyland where everyone is in a great mood and super friendly. The best part of the whole day for me was a crowd chanting my name at one particular street corner. My oldest brother lived in LA at the time and he and a few of his church friends were there. They all knew my name and which band I was in, but then they spread the word to others in the crowd. It felt like hundreds of people were chanting "Rachel, Rachel, Rachel" It was a really fun and special moment. All my band mates were very perplexed and impressed. Hahaha.

    1. And the floats are Ah-may-Zing up close and in person.

  12. Loura Nugent (Rachel's mom)6:04 PM

    Loura Nugent (Rachel's mom)! Her dad & I drove up to Pasadena to see the band/parade. We slept (sort of) in our Mazda 626 with fold down seats in some close-
    by parking lot. Then we walked to the parade route in the morning! I don't remember much else about the parade except for being proud of our girl & her band!

    1. That is very sweet!!

    2. My mom made it to the Quiet Life! Wow, my worlds are colliding! Hi mom!

  13. Your parade quote is genius. :)

    Looks like fun. I love the pictures.


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