Sunday, January 04, 2004

Do you ever wish you could go back in time to the church of your childhood? I do.
I miss the hymns. I miss their sound, their meaning, their half rhymes and that they were read from a hymnal. I miss saying the responses and The Lord's Prayer and The Apostle's the same language as it was said when I was taking confirmation(in the 70's) I can still sing the tunes to the songs that we sang after the offering and communion. "We praise Thee, We Bless Thee, We Worship Thee."

Everything is new now...all the tunes have changed. (Today we sang a song to the tune of "For the Beauty of the Earth" I would have rather sung the original.)

I don't mean to complain. I am a hopelessly nostalgic, traditional girl. I am longing for the way things were.

I would just like to borrow the car from "Back to the Future" and set it to....."Sunday;1971;St. Paul's Lutheran;Wheaton, Ill."
It would be heavenly....I would probably cry through the whole service.

Found it!

"A careful woman I ought to be;
a little girl follows me.
I do not dare to go astray,
for fear she'll go the selfsame way.
Not once can I escape her eyes;
whate'er she sees me do, she tries.
Like me, she says she's going to be
that little girl who follows me.
I must remember as I go
through summer sun and winter snow,
I'm molding for the years to be
that little girl who follows me."
Author Unknown

Go Pack Go

Our big kids (Patrick 21, Matthew 19, and Emma 14) are at the Packers game. Their dear,thoughtful, devoted, budget-busting (his words) father really wanted them to we got on line on Monday morning and waited for four and a half hours and purchased the hard to get playoff tickets!
My husband has very fond memories of going to Packer games...a life time of memories. His love of the Packers has been passed down and this common bond will never be broken.

So...Go Pack Go....beat the....who are they playing, honey...oh yes....Seattle....beat the Seahawks!!!

The Quiet Life will not be very quiet from 12:00-3:15 today. I think dear hubby thinks the Packers can hear him...if he yells really loud and often.

Lord, make me an instrument of Your peace....(grin)


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