Friday, January 02, 2004

It takes courage to knit!

As I was knitting my littlest child her Christmas stocking I realized that knitting takes courage. Following along with the pattern and having no idea why you are doing what you are doing is quite scary. You see when you get to the heel....(for the first time) you have to start doing odd knitting things....Slowly you proceed...Trusting and following the pattern...and then... Out come the double pointed needles. Yikes.
But carefully and slowly the stocking is finished.

So far so good.

Now into the washing machine to felt the huge green stocking. The first time around is thrilling. Yes, the highlight of my day. The stocking felts up beautifully.

Not super hard really....It just takes courage to trust!

****So here is my next knitting project. Felting is fun!

I was even able to find the exact yarn on the internet;

Isn't that pretty! I await the yarn.


Quickie movie review...

Something's Gotta Give with Jack and Diane

Loved it!


Today will be a quieter day than usual. Katie and I are home alone.
Resolution Nine....Help Katie make friends.
She asked if we could go back to Chili's Restraunt because she liked the little girl who sat in the booth behind us! Olivia...her new best friend.

I grew up with five sisters and rarely made a phone call to find someone to play with...and we lived in a neighborhood that had many kids at home to play with. Ah the good old days. more neat

Bye for now,

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