Thursday, January 29, 2004

Guest Blog...Guest Blog!!!

Katie by Emma Boucher

Who is that girl with the swimsuit and tutu on? It could be none other than my four-year-old sister Katie. Katie is petite, extroverted and very dramatic. You couldn't ask for a better person to describe.

Katie's face is round and shiny, resembling the sun. If she were a Care Bear she'd be Cheerful Bear. Her big blue eyes seem to smile at you, even when they're glistening with tears. The long red hair that adorns her head is always messy from constant hopping, skipping, climbing and jumping. Katie's mouth may be small, but it never ever can keep quiet. There is a rotation of about five outfits she loves to wear; her favorites are her flowery leotard and a Snow White costume from Halloween.

Always full of energy, Katie can be very dramatic and is either ecstatic or bursting with tears. You never know what is coming next. Being the center of attention is what she likes best. She wishes to always be in charge, you may even say she is bossy.

Whenever there is cooking or cleaning to do Katie can't wait to help out. But sometimes she ends up getting in the way or causing trouble, like when she set her hair on fire!

Questions, questions, questions never end. What does that do? Where does this go? And the question asked every day, "Is it Tuesday?" Simply because gymnastics is on Tuesday's where Katie gets to romp around and be an acrobat. Dancing is a necessity while listening to music, at least that's what Katie thinks. Star Search is the show for her!

Katie is the only sister I have. She may be ten years younger than I, but I think that is the best part. The things she says and does fascinate me. Katie can always make me chuckle, even if she doesn't mean to. There are times I wish she wasn't around, but then she'll make me beam with pride when defending me in an argument. Our personalities are quite the opposite; she wants to be a hero who saves kittens out of trees and a movie star. I on the other hand never dreamed of either. But that's what makes me love her even more.

Describing the personality of my four-year-old sister has been interesting. It made me realize a few things I would have otherwise taken for granted. I think I'll appreciate Katie more and enjoy all the little things about her. You should take the time to know your siblings.

Emma is the fourteen year old daughter of Patrick and Donna Boucher. She is currently attending a writing class with several other homeschooled High Schoolers. She enjoys playing soccer, playing the guitar, getting together with friends, youth group at church and reading. She is the best big sister!


Now, I really wish I had a digital camera!
Wouldn't it be sweet to have a photo of the girls....


Oh well....I will be patient.


Whose loves
Are dearer than the natural bond of sisters.

-William Shakespeare

Encourage one another,

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