Tuesday, January 20, 2004

Good Morning

Today will be a different sort of day. Actually very different.

For ten years I have homeschooled and I have resisted leaving the home in the morning. I have been lured to come to Bible Studies, women's gatherings, children's classes and shopping excursions.
I have always said "No, I can't, we homeschool in the mornings and I need to be there."

Since September, I have been asked by three young mother's at church if I would come to their Bible study. I said 'no' I can't. Well on Friday at Emma's choir class a mom I am pretty close to (I attended her last birth...I'd say pretty close :o) asked if I would come to the Bible study...She said they were reading a book called Creative Correction and she just kept wishing I was there....

The women are young...with children all under ten. I am a veteran, I guess. I am an older woman.
Titus 2 is calling out to me. "Older women are to teach the younger women to love their husbands and children..."

I spoke with my husband...he said I should do it. I talked with Emma about it....she said I should do it.

So Emma will do most of her work by herself today. I will check her math. (I'm not much of a help with math anyway :o) I will do Warriner's English with her. She will read her schedule and check off her subjects as she goes.

She really is the sweetest student.

Me: Here Emma, let's read the Epic of Gilgamech.
Emma: O.K., mom.

Where did she get that sweet and gentle spirit? I want to be just like her when I grow up!

So back to the Bible study...there is an extra perk. One of my New Years Resolutions was; Help Katie make friends and learn to be a friend. Well, during the Bible study, they have hired a gym teacher and she is conducting a little gym class for the children. Katie will love this! Besides loving being with other children...she needs to be with other children. She needs to learn to take turns and listen to others. She needs to do something that is not her idea. *grin*


Here's another thing, and perhaps the most pressing to me personally, I am unsure that I will be able to add much of value.

Believe me, I am not fishing for compliments.

Please say a prayer that I would be wise and encouraging to the younger moms....and that I would listen twice as much as I talk.

This is an answer to prayer, being of service to younger women, and I know deep down God will equip me...

"Encourage one another and build each other up."


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