Thursday, January 22, 2004

The List

Beware:Mundane stuff ahead!

I have been going to the grocery store EVERY day for the last month. I must be losing my mind! I really like our little grocery store. ( Imagine a small town, one grocery store, locally owned by the same folks for 100 years, you smile and say hello to the checkers and baggers and ask the butcher for an English roast. ) This is Millers and Sons. I like it there....but this is getting ridiculous.

Almost all of the checks in my checkbook say, "Millers".

"Where your money is, there you heart is also." Just kidding :o)

I have just been forgetful, I don't have a husband tells me, when I get home, "I need coffee."

So I was visiting with Jean in Wisconsin (from the Well Trained Mind boards ) the other day. She and her daughter came over for an afternoon visit. (They live an hour away, but this is what one does for friendship these days.) Anyway...she is enthused with her new improved schedule she has for herself. It's going great...really great! So I tell her of my shopping blight. She says, "Take a list".

This is where you all say...DUH!

And you know what... I say "Ya think" too...

I have resisted The List for 23 years. My dear patient husband suggested The List when we were first married and I was always forgetting the peanut butter or the jelly. But what does he know...he is not going to tell me to take a list....*pride showing*

So Jean in Wisconsin says, "Take a list." and I say, "Good idea!"

So that evening, I tell dear hubby I am tired of going to the grocery store every day and that I am going to download a nice handy dandy list...

"I told you to take a list 23 years ago!"


So I made The List and took The List (in my pretty felt bag) to the store and had a fulfilling shopping experience. I told my friends at the store..."I won't be back for a week now....I have a LIST."

Dear hubby was delighted..."Ooo there's Coke....Oooo you remembered lunch bags....Ooo....

All's well that ends well....NOT

I forgot to put dishwashing soap on THE LIST :o) Maybe Patrick will run into the store to get it.

Encourage one another,

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