Friday, May 21, 2004

Blabber Mouth

This will not come as a surprise to my family...or some of my friends...but I can really be a blabber mouth.

This morning I have blabber's remorse!

Why doesn't it hit me until the next day that I should have just stopped talking?


Wisconsin is having their homeschool convention this weekend. Ch-ch-ch-CHEA...

Last night I went along with some dear friends to Oconomowoc for for the curriculum sale.
(Yes this is where I did most of my the car...on the way home)

Anyway...I had an excellent time shopping!

I bought for Emma; Math U See Geometry and Traditional Logic by Martin Cothran.

For Katie; Rod and Staff Pre-School workbooks, a Writing Without Tears chalkboard, workbook and paper, and the M&M Counting book.

For Me; Two books. A Mom Just Like Me and Teddy Roosevelt's Letters to his Sons.

My friend Jeaneen picked out a new course for her little ones. It is called Heart of Dakota. I mention this because I sat and looked long and hard at this course too. Jeaneen and I weren't together at this time so it was funny when we got together and we discovered that we both found their materials so nice.


Must conclude now...I have spent an hour looking for a picture of an embarrassed woman who talks too much. To no avail.

Encourage one another,

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