Monday, May 03, 2004

Miss Independent

Emma has been on tour since Friday morning. Her homeschool Choir is touring northern Wisconsin. It is a service trip of sorts. I'm really starting to miss her. I know she is having a blast. I also know she is not missing us. Which is a good thing....our kids are SO independent. It's just that secret mom pride deep inside that wishes....

And then there is Katie Gracie....who insists that she get a haircut too. So we can be twins :o)


Ebay and Me

I have slowly gotten involved with buying and selling on Ebay. I have had two disasters...and one 'Road Show' experience.

My first two purchases were lovely vintage Pyrex mixing bowls. Both sets came shattered! I was not reimbursed, the mailman basically laughed, and I did not give the sellers poor feedback. I have not bought anything breakable since then. *Glass is risky.

I bought Kromex salt and pepper shakers....very hard to find at garage sales, but abundant on Ebay.
When they arrived I opened the box...and they were huge! They did not look at all like my mother's salt and pepper shakers. They looked like Paul Bunyan salt and pepper shakers. *Check size details.

Look at the Seller's Feedback rating. I prefer to buy from folks with a rating above 99%. *Check Feedback.

For the first two years I only used money orders to pay. They cost a little more and are inconvenient but I wanted to give the seller a payment they could cash immediately and not wait around for a check to 'clear'.

When I have sold items I accept money orders only. No one has complained and they are a very safe method. *Money orders are good enough.

I have sold only books. Now that I have a digital camera I will try to sell other things this summer. I think it is important to have a picture of your item. ( I could always find a photo on the web somewhere of the books I was selling so that was easy to do.) *A picture is a good thing.

Research a bit on Ebay to see if there is an interest in the book you want to sell. See if any others are listed and check Completed Auctions.
Last summer I read East of Eden. I bought the book for $16.00. I read it in a week and sold it on Ebay for $12.00. They paid the shipping. *Check out marketability.

It is very easy to set up an account with Ebay. The fees are very small. Dimes and nickels really.

My big success story...

In 1997 we bought a Tibetan Terrier. It is a rare breed. Not being able to find a book about Tibetans I sent away for a book which was self-published by a well know Tibetan Terrier Judge and breed lover.
In 2003 we no longer have a Tibetan...and I thought the book might be of value. It was a soft-cover book. There was a similar one that sold for $42.00. I thought I'd give it a shot. (I had spent $35.00)
We had many bids and excitement the week the book was up for auction.

It sold for $85.00!

I have only 30 transactions...all good feedback :o)

No one has cheated me. It has been fun and slightly profitable for us *wink*

Feel free to ask more questions...I will answer what I can.

Encourage one another,

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