Tuesday, May 18, 2004

So far so good

We are watching Colonial House on PBS. It just started last night.
Oh....am I soft!
To be honest...the hardest parts for me would be the bathroom stuff and listening to the 'preacher' the show picked to preach. I would not want to sit thru his liberal mumbo jumbo for hours on end on Sunday afternoon....snore...

Check it out!


Cool Refrigerator!

You can still buy a Northstar


Now that I think of it...I would like to be in PBS 1950's House :o)
No, they are not doing it...but that would be a perfect fit for me...minus the racism of course!

How to be June Clever by Debbie Jenkins

Here's How:

1. Put on your prettiest dress every morning.

2. Wear your most expensive pearls.

3. Make sure the coffee is ready and hot for your husband.

4. Prepare an elaborate breakfast and call the family down to eat.

5. After breakfast, make sure the kitchen is spotless and glimmering.

6. Vacuum while the family is gone so the house is in ship shape when they get home.

7. Be at the door to greet the kids when they arrive home from school.

8. Make sure the kids get their milk, cold milk, and fresh cookies.

9. After everyone is in bed and while no one is looking, slip into more comfortable clothes.

10. Take the pearls off. You can be yourself again.

If your dress isn't starched, it won't look as pretty.
Use real butter in the cookies. If you don't they won't taste as good.
Make sure the kids don't drink the milk straight out of the milk bottle!

Just kidding :o)

Encourage one another,

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