Sunday, May 23, 2004

Things that don't happen to you anymore....
now that you're older than four.

1.You don't get your dress stuck on your head when you're taking it off.

2.You don't feel it is a great accomplishment to eat a whole hot dog...

3.or that your letter E is pointing the right way.

4.When you put on your dress you don't spin to see it fly about.

5.You don't knock on the neighbors door to ask them to come out and play.

6.You don't fall down, everyday.

7.And you don't hit your legs on the table when you somersault in a small space.

8.You don't go to bed at 7:00pm and wake up at 7:00am.

9.You call Oreos, Oreos and not Messy Cookies.

10.You don't wear a bib anymore....although you could still use one!


11. You don't get hugs and kisses from your Mommy and Daddy, all day long.

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