Friday, May 28, 2004

Do this!

Go and read Wendy'sMemorial Day story. It's at the bottom of today's entry. It made me quite teary.

Not that you really wanted to know, but....WendyKnits is my first stop every weekday morning, then I'm off to Buried Treasure and points beyond :o) Those two blogs are very regular as early morning and late evening posters. I know I will see a new post when I go to visit them.


Let me encourage you to go and experience the Blue Angels.

Our father took us to see the Blue Angels out in DuPage County in the 70's. It was the most exciting thing!!! I have since introduced my husband, children and friends to this amazing experience.

It is always super loud and very crowded...but I promise, it is worth it.

We used to swim the maneuvers in our swimming pool as children. We would swim toward one another and do a quarter turn just as we passed one another. (We had F-16's on the brain :o)

My favorite trick they perform is when you are watching a few of the jets in front of you...and from behind, silently at first, a jet screams 100 yds over your totally unsuspecting head. WOW!!!

Here is the Angel's schedule.
Check out the Thunderbirds too.

Air Show Tips-

Bring ear plugs for the little ones.
Pack Well.
The shows in the cities do fewer maneuvers.

I hope I've put a bug in your ear and some of you will venture out for this one of a kind experience. You will never forget the thrill of it all.

The rest of the year will be lead very quietly, I promise.

Encourage one another,

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