Tuesday, May 11, 2004

Latin with Andy and Barney

Do you remember the Andy Griffith Show episode where Barney insists he can recite the Preamble? Andy prompts Barney along and through it all Barney really doesn't remember a single word of the Preamble. But when he is finished 'reciting' the Preamble he thinks he has done a fine job! It is a funny scene.

Patrick Jr. says he feels like this when he quizzes the little children at Awana...

I feel like this when Emma and I study Latin. Funny thing is...Emma is Andy and I am Barney!


Me: Emma how about if I just check the answers and you do all the questions?

Emma: You want to learn it don't you?

Me: Well...it would go so much faster if you did it alone, it takes me so long to...

Emma: Come on.

Me: Ok, here you do the first one.

Emma: Sunt viae in Gallia.

Me: Oh that was an easy one! O.k. my turn. Aw this one is hard!

Emma: (laughing)

Me: Propter...what's the word for courage?...virtus...(searching notes, looking at the book, searching notes again for proper ending...)

Emma: (pointing at the proper declension list)

Me: Oh it's that one...I wasn't here that day...virtutem...what's the word for soldier?...Is it ablative or accusative?...Is that the third one down?

Emma: (pointing at declension list again) It's the same one we did a minute ago.

Me: Do you think I can remember that? Short term memory loss here!

Emma: Say the whole thing.

Me: Propter virtutem militum pax est in provincia.

Emma: The est is at the end.

Me: Ugh! Here your turn...ha ha it's a long one!

You see we use Latin to teach patience and understanding around here :o)

Be patient with one another,

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