Monday, April 07, 2008

I was a Weekend Warrior....





HERE is a close up of the books on the shelf. I know you want a peek.
Click on the picture, which will take you to Flickr.
There you can click all sizes and see the titles with out your bifocals :o)


LOOK! What came for a visit in our backyard.

This is extremely rare. I have seen hawks in the sky and a hawk on a limb....but never sitting in our yard!!!

My camera is a wide angle....not a zoom. So many little time....

20080406_8251 copy

Gorgeous creature!!!
Thanks for the visit!!!

The good thing....

My wild haired girl with nary is brush in sight....

In my defense, it was eight in the morning...Katie had just dashed outside to feel the spring air,
and I saw the light on her hair. I grabbed my camera and poked it out the sliding door...and took one shot....
backlit magic.

(The sun is actually on her that might be the trick I have been trying to learn.)

p.s. We found the hair product which Ree spoke of last week. BioSilk/Silk Therapy.

It works extremely well. And it does smell good. It reminds me of a grandmother's perfume.


Oh my, I almost forgot....

I was tagged for a meme from young Heidi in Mn.

Heidi, can I do that tomorrow?


Five days until the Audrey Woulard workshop in Chicago!!!

(I think....)

What are you looking forward to?

Encourage one another,

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