Friday, July 10, 2009


After ten hours on the road, it seems Emma has gone all trucker on us!

You may call her Buck.

Her toothpick is courtsey of Neely's Barbque.

The pulled pork was yummy but the sticky floor was slightly off putting if you get my drift.
A bunch of turtles hung out at the dock waiting for left overs.
We don't see big turtles like that in Wisconsin.


Nashville was busy and full of character!
We went right to the main drag and strolled up and down Broadway and 2nd.
Patrick liked seeing where the Titan's played.
I enjoyed the kitchy neon lights.
We explained to Patrick what ba donka-donk means.
And everyone ate ice cream, except me.

You know.

Trying to shrink my ba donka-donk!




Seven hours after leaving Nashville we arrived in Fort Walton Beach.
We found the rest of the gang visiting and watching over the girls in the pool.


The sand is a lovely white and the water was perfect.
The girls played in the surf and I was a terrible nag about it.
Katie cried when she got a mouthful of water.

Janet's two littlest girls are with her this weekend. Katie, Sarah and Lauren are all playing so nice! I think this will be Katie's best vacation ever!
She never gets to be with anyone her own age when we travel!


We are still waiting for Jim and Janice!
But I was busy clickin as soon as I arrived!
How I love my sisters~

Emma shot this for me!
Good job, huh?

So today we have a bridal luncheon and rehearsal dinner.
Patrick is on a fishing boat as I write.

I wonder if he remmebered sun screen.

This morning I tried to take some sunrise shots.
I will load those babies when I get a chance.
Everything is sooc as I am without photoshop...

Get your unaltered images here.

Hope you are all well and enjoying whatever today brings!

Don't forget...what happens, matters.

Encourage one another,

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