Wednesday, February 13, 2008

Beagle Wins Westminster....first time ever!

This link has a great write about about Uno winning Westminster and there are two excellent videos you might like to watch.

Story and Videos



I had fun editing pictures yesterday.
This is Nancy's youngest.

Every single action I tried on this picture looked really good.

She has wonderful skin, and beautiful eyes....and a happy spirit!




My goodness, the Tivo was humming away last night (recording American Idol) and I had the clicker in hand as I jumped between the Dog Show and Biggest Loser.

Do you have any favoites on American Idol yet?
Is anyone from your home town?

I haven't been watching long enough but I think there are some very talented singers.

The girl who lost her voice and then came back to sing the second day was pretty good.

Who knew Bryan Adams was THAT popular?

Did you know Shania Twain's husband produces Bryan Adam's records too?

Did you know records are making a comeback? Of sorts.

I wish I had a record player. I have so many records I would like to listen to again.

The first album I remember listening to was Sgt. Peppers Loney Heart's Club Band.
And the first album I think I bought with my own money was.....Gigi.

What a nerd.

I have always marched to my own little tune.

The first 45 I ever bought with my own money was a song called Love is Blue....and then I bought
Precious and Few.

I was in sixth grade.

Little dorky nerd.


And speaking of nerds. Why do they insist on including a nerd every year on American Idol?
Always a guy. Always very different.
Usually not very talented.

I don't like it.

That boy with the glasses my be the nicest person on earth....
but it irratates me that they have included him in the 24.


So we can laugh at him?

Not nice and a waste of a precious spot in my opinion.
We'll...see.....maybe I'm wrong.

Naw. I doubt it. :o)

Isn't it fun to have big opinions about things....that don't really matter?

Encourage one another,

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