Saturday, February 16, 2008

Ian's Pizza, Madison Wisconsin

Ian's Pizza State Street
The State Street Location looks like this.

Ian's Pizza

Ian's Pizza State St. Madison

Macaroni and Cheese Pizza: Ian's
This is quite nice. Just the right amount of toppings.
I thought it might be decadent, but really it was done quite right.

Sliced Potato with bacon and ranch sauce
My piece was not on the menu.
But it looked great, so I picked it :o)

Potatoes, bacon, cheese, a little barbeque sauce and ranch dressing.

Again, not too much, not obnoxious, just right.


Katie at Ian's Pizza, Madison

Katie and I will go back to Ian's.

We really liked it.

****It's a joint. The tables could have used a swipe with a washcloth...and it was a little chilly.
But that's what I expected. So I was not really worried about it.

Our total bill was about $8.00.

State St. Madison
State Street, Madison Wisconsin.

Happy girl.
I let her have a Mt. Dew.

You'd be happy too :o)

Ya should'a been there!

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