Wednesday, November 30, 2011

Good morning!

Yesterday morning I was feeling puny. (Sue and Cindy use this term. I use the term nauseous.)
Just a little tho. Like morning sickness. ha.

At 11:15 I set out for Boscobel Wi to visit Ginny Potter (our puppy).

I was running behind the whole day so I wasn't able to stop for food.
I wanted to visit our little one and bring her something with our scent on it.
It's a far drive but a lovely country drive.



I think the 'breeder', Michelle is smitten with Ginny. She says Ginny is always first to do new things. First to climb out of the pen, first to recognize her, first to eat. Three of the puppies have personalities emerging...Ginny is one of them.
Michelle says Ginny is very calm and affectionate.

I could not be happier to hear all of this.


big smiles.

When I left Boscobel, I started feeling really weird. I was very sleepy and agitated on the way back to Madison.
I had to pick Katie and her cousin up at school and then I needed to make a stop at the grocery store.
By the time I go home at four I was really feeling tired and had the chills.
I made myself some chicken and stars soup, thinking I was hungry and dehydrated from not much all day.
And then Kabaaam.

It hit.

I had to lie down.
I was hot and achy.

When Patrick came home from work, I went to bed.
I was chilled and couldn't get warm.

After an hour and a half, I came downstairs because I couldn't sleep and was not quite so feverish.
I took two ibuprofen thinking it would help with the aches.

I drank and drank and drank water.

By the time I went to bed my feet were less chilled and the fever was gone.
I thought it might be the ibuprofen and that in the night the fever would come back...
but it did not.

You may not believe it but I really didn't even know this was the flu until I googled fever.
Once I saw the list, I realized that this was influenza. (I always thought throwing up was the main ingredient but it is not even on the 'short' list.)

I'm just a bit puny this morning and will take it slow and try not to infect others.
I sure hope I did not get Michelle sick.
I really didn't know I was sick but I think I was highly contagious at the time of our visit.


Here is a cute picture of the girls with Asher.
I love the expression on Asher's face.





1985 and 1999



And now I need to go and catch up on some emails and rest a little.

I am very thankful my flu was so short lived. I didn't like it at all.

Lots of love,

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