Monday, June 14, 2004

Cute Quiz

Abraham Lincoln You have a Bible and a library
card what more could you possibly need? You
prefer the Charlotte Mason Method of reading
living books for everything: historical
fiction, biographies, real histories, nature
guides, etc. No soon-to-be-outdated textbooks
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What Type of Homeschooler Are You?
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Quite a nice result. Thank you very much :o)

Full Swing

We went to the Hometown Parade yesterday. I don't think Katie has been to a parade since she was an infant. It has a habit of raining on parade day and I am not that die-hard to sit in the rain for a parade. In fact I don't sit in the rain for anything!
Our little town put on a nice little parade.
There were; bagpipes, horses, dancers, politicians, radio stations, church floats.
Girl Scouts, clowns, candy, dogs and a jazz band on a flat-bed semi.
Lots of pretty fire engines...all different colors and a very neat line up of John Deer tractors ( lined-up old to new)

Did you notice anything missing?

We did. There was not ONE marching band. Not one trombone!

I love the marching bands. So loud, so sparkly.

Ah well.

Here Katie waits for the parade. Can you see the six mosquito bites? She has over thirty on her tiny bod. Poor dear. She's must be very tasty.


Emma is on a mission this week. A real one.
She is in Iowa working with a group called Group Workcamps

They will help the elderly with projects around the house.
She left at 6:00 am yesterday morning with her safety glasses, drop cloth and guitar.

Please remember her and the other teens in your prayers this week.

I anxiously await a call from her :o)

Encourage one another,

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