Sunday, June 27, 2004

Patience, thrills, and Weight Watching

Is it harder for me to wait?

Yesterday we went to see the Thunderbirds fly!

That's the good part, the really good part.

The waiting is torture for me. I look around and folks don't seem to mind.

They are milling around, buying kettle-corn, waiting in line for cheese curds, sitting in their lawn chairs. They seem content.

But I am not content; I squirm, I ask my husband what time it is, I arrange things on the blanket, I worry about people standing in front of me.

This is a character flaw, I know. Ya didn't know I was so high strung, did you?

While we were waiting for the Thunderbirds, we could watch all sorts of other aerial plane events. We even saw the DodgeJet Truck. And the JetOuthouse.

The trick bi-planes scared me! I kept thinking they were going dive down and crash or stall while at the top of their loop and then...come crashing to earth.

The big f-16's don't scare me. Perhaps it is the confidence I have in their training...or is it that their engines don't sound like they are going to conk out at any second???

So finally 3:30 arrived, along with a big black cloud in the sky. Worry, worry, worry...

No thunder...

The jets take off with the excitement and noise we have come to see. Four passes later...we hear over the loud speaker, "Two of the planes have hit birds, the pilots must land to check things out." (not verbatim)

So after ten minutes of the show...we wait 25 more minutes!!!


Fortunately the show continues with a roar...the jets sneak up on us from behind; and we are awe-struck!



Yesterday morning I went to my weekly weight watchers meeting.
I lost 2.6 lbs.
It is nice to be rewarded when you work so hard. This week my big change was to give up white sugar so this was a week without cookies and cake and icecream...and I was hungry.

Usually when I do all the right things I stay the same! Then I get frustrated and sorry for myself...and rebel and eat more the next week. So in 20 weeks, I have lost 12 pounds.

The leader of the meeting yesterday said that it is common to wait a week for the weight loss to show up. Really?

So my being impatient and frustrated leads to the yo-yo effect!

Well then, I will try even harder to keep my chin up this week (while it is easier after a weight loss) and have two great weeks in a row.

No matter what happens I am determined to press on...

Katie wants me to go swimming with her someday.

Encourage one another,

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