Sunday, June 20, 2004

Wanna talk about your dads?

My dad was my age when he died. Exactly.

I have bits and pieces of memories. I gather them from my sisters and Aunts.
They are hard to come bits and pieces.

He liked circus peanuts and Frank Sinatra;
sports and his family.

He taught me to tell time and we taught him to do a front flip.

He was a big tease, liked to dance and believed in God.

Memories from a sixteen year olds mind.


What will your children remember about you?

I think my kids will remember me as;

fun-loving, t.v. watchin', tetris playin', homeschoolin', pop-drinkin',
Lord-lovin'...always there...Mom.

Would you like to share five things you remember/will remember about your dad?

Encourage one another and remember,

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