Thursday, June 03, 2004

My Martha

Fabulous Fhoto by My Martha. Not The Martha.

I met My Martha long before The Martha had made the scene. When we first met in the nursery at the YMCA she said, "Hi I'm Martha, like Martha Washington."

Last week My Martha sent me a sweet care package and notecard with the above photo on it. A simple idea with great results.
I ought to do this! Thanks for another great idea Martha! I miss you!

Oh and by the way...she is not just My Martha :o) She is loved and adored by her family and many friends...all around the country.


I have wanted to share this poem since I have had my little blog. But I have not had a neat tie-in. As summer arrives and guests come for visits, perhaps now is a good time. Elisabeth Elliot had a plaque on the wall in their family vacation home with this poem on it.

These Guests

Sleep sweetly in this quiet room,
O thou whoe'er thou art,
and let no mournful yesterdays
disturb thy peaceful heart.
Nor let tomorrow scare thy rest
with thought of coming ill.
Thy Maker is thy changeless friend,
His love surrounds thee still.
Forget thyself and all the world,
put out each feverish light;
the stars are watching overhead.
Sleep sweetly, then, good-night.

Isn't that pretty?


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